Getting to Know...Allison Duggan!

We're settling into our second cycle, and are hurtling full-speed ahead into the holiday season and the end of the year! Hard to believe it....but let's take a minute to step back and get to know some of our amazing MMC members! 

Allie Duggan plays bassoon with Grand Street Community Band and also volunteers her time on the social media and marketing teams. Read on for Allie's favorite piece of music, and see if you agree with her pick for best pizza in all of New York! (Bold move, Allie!) 


Name: Allison (Allie) Duggan

Occupation: Music Research at Vaco at YouTube, composer/sound designer

Instrument: Bassoon (I also sing, play saxophone, piano, novice clarinetist, and I'm an avid ukulele learner)

What’s your favorite thing about your day job? Composing is something that is a part of my daily life. When I have a project, my favorite part is getting to know the story; whether it is a film, play, or writing instrumental music: what is there to convey and highlight?

I recently joined Vaco at Google, and I love it! My favorite part is being around musicians and around friendly, happy people! Also free AMAZING food and gaming rooms.

How long have you played with MMC? This is my third, amazing season with Grand Street Community Band.

How did you get started with MMC? I filled in for a bassoonist for Brooklyn Wind Symphony, and was so happy to actively play bassoon (and with challenging but amazing literature at that) and really feel like part of a family.

What is your favorite MMC memory? Playing Carnegie Hall; and being at rehearsal after last year’s election, hearing that our agenda as citizens and musicians will continue to create stories through the creation of music.

What’s your favorite piece of music you’ve ever played? Oh wow, way too many! I love playing Beethoven Symphony #7, Sorcerer’s Apprentice (I think by law I have to), West Side Story, Blue Shades by Frank Ticceli.  I think my all time fave is “Watchman Tell Us of the Nighttime.”

What was the last concert/musical/cultural performance you saw? I see shows all the time as someone working close to the industry, but I saw Waitress and my heart is so full!

Favorite Thanksgiving side-dish? My dad’s garlic mashed potatoes.

What’s your typical Sunday routine? It’s my only day off, so I wake up late, drink tea and read/watch a tv show, go to voice lessons, catch up on homework, compose and practice, make a huge dinner for the week, and then in bed by 10:30.

Give us a “local” New York recommendation: So, the best pizza is right by Piano’s in Manhattan. Literally any pizza place you will be in heaven. I also recently found a bar on Grand Street in Brooklyn that has skee ball, live music and drawing nights. Little spaces like that make you feel intimate in a busy city!

Finish this sentence: "I knew I was a musician when..." I was 5 years old and during a car trip I was making up songs the whole way. After getting home, my mom told me that kids my age don’t do this, and I knew I was special.

The first time I really knew was when I had my Bat Mitzvah. My cantor had surgery on her vocal cords, and last minute I had to sing my entire ceremony. I learned each song fast, and felt amazing! However, I felt each note I sang, each meaning, each lesson in the verses. I knew from there on out, performing and music wouldn’t just be my life, but my livelihood.

Posted on November 20, 2017 .